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Our aim at Springers is to ensure that the children feel safe, secure, and happy in a friendly environment, which will encourage their learning and development. Each child's individuality is respected and we support them in all areas of their development - physical, emotional, social, intellectually, and in communication & language. 


We aim to meet the children's and the parent's needs and wishes, ensuring that their experience at Springers is happy and enriching.  The staff plan stimulating activities that are adapted to suit each child's level of development and interest, and promotes their confidence and independence.

Our sessions are based on the notion that children learn through play.  What looks like "just play" is serious work for children, and when properly guided produces important learning.  We aim to provide a balance between active and quiet activities; indoor and outdoor play; individual and group games; child initiated and adult lead activities.  An example of some of the activities includes: Arts & Crafts, Skipping, Football, Dodgeball, Dance,  Water play, Music Games, ICT, Bouncy Castle, Facepainting.... to name just a few.

We believe that ongoing training in areas of importance, for example, First Aid, Epi-Pen, Behaviour Management, Health & Hygiene, Food Hygiene, Special Needs, Inclusion, Child Protection & Safeguarding.  Part-time staff are DBS checked and Safeguard trained, and work alongside the full-time Playleaders.  Our aim is that through supervised play, the children have a fun and safe environment in which to learn and develop, make new friends, gain self-confidence, and just simply enjoy themselves to the best of their ability.

Our aim is to ensure the children are the primary focus of everything we do, and in doing so, we take pride in celebrating their achievements with them and watching them grow whilst in our care.


Updated Jan 2021

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