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Meet The Team

"A great blend of different personalities & strengths!"


Jo Jones

Setting Manager

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) /

Paediatric First Aid / Behaviour Lead

"I love being part of the Springers Family.  I really enjoy Arts & Crafts & 'think' I'm brilliant at Dodgeball

(for my age!!!)"


Lea O'Reilly

Setting Deputy Manager / Play LEAD

Play Lead / General First Aid &

Mental Health First Aid

"I'm the noisy one - love running around and water games.  I know I'm better than Jo at Dodgeball!"


Kerry Samson

Setting Deputy Manager / SEN LEAD

Paediatric & Mental Health First Aid

"I love to chat away as I work, and I especially love to create fun challenges for the children.  I'm definitely the most clumsy  Dodgeball player!"


Uzma Khan

EYFS LEAD/ Paediatric First Aid /

Epi Pen & Diabetes Insulin

"I enjoy playing skipping  and small group games with the children.  I pretend I can't play Dodgeball but secretly I'm brilliant at it!"

happy playing.png
Luke Jones 2022_edited_edited.jpg

Luke Jones

Deputy Play Lead / Sports Apprentice

Paediatric First Aid

"I enjoy playing games with the children and helping them learn new skills.  Truthfully... I am the best at Dodgeball out of all the staff!"


Harrison Angove

Sports & Games LEAD/

Paediatric First Aid / Epi Pen 

"I thoroughly enjoy teaching children new skills and watching them develop their confidence!  I'm newest to the team but have been attending Springers since 9 years - surely that naturally makes me the Dodgeball Champ!"

sorry about the mess_edited.jpg
Joshua Pykerman.jpg

Joshua Pykerman

Community Activator Level 2 Apprentice 

"I used to attend the club many years ago and I really look forward to studying about Sports and working with the children.  I enjoy anything sporty!    

Dodgeball... Bring it on, but to be honest my specialty is Football!"


In addition to the 'Pictured Team' we have many other important Playworkers & Assistants 

Breakfast Club: 

Sheila Chattey (Breakfast Club Lead)

After School Club: 

Sheila Chattey (Play Worker)

Riley Jones (Casual Staff)

Holiday Club: 

Sheila Chattey (Play Leader)

Katie Shakespeare (Play Leader)

Sarah Wood (Play Leader)

Ella Smith (Play Leader)

Junior Volunteers:

Riley Jones

Annabelle Row

Lola Sartain

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