Meet The Team

"A great blend of different personalities & strengths!"


Jo Jones

Setting Manager

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) /

Paediatric First Aid / Behaviour Lead

"I love being part of the Springers Family.  I really enjoy Arts & Crafts & 'think' I'm brilliant at Dodgeball

(for my age!!!)"


Lea O'Reilly

Setting Deputy Manager / 

Play Lead / General First Aid &

Mental Health First Aid

"I'm the noisy one - love running around and water games.  I know I'm better than Jo at Dodgeball!"


Kerry Samson

Setting Deputy Manager / SEN Lead

Paediatric & Mental Health First Aid

"I love to chat away as I work, and I especially love to create fun challenges for the children.  I'm definitely the most clumsy  Dodgeball player!"


Uzma Khan

EYFS Lead / Paediatric First Aid /

Epi Pen & Diabetes Insulin

"I enjoy playing skipping  and small group games with the children.  I pretend I can't play Dodgeball but secretly I'm brilliant at it!"

happy playing.png

Luke Jones

Deputy Play Lead / Sports Apprentice

Paediatric First Aid

"I enjoy playing games with the children and helping them learn new skills.  Truthfully... I am the best at Dodgeball out of all the staff!"


In addition to the 'Pictured Team' we have many other important Playworkers & Assistants 

Breakfast Club: 

Sheila Chattey (Breakfast Club Lead)

Sue Wappett:  Play Leader

After School Club: 

Sheila Chattey (Play Worker)

Sue Wappett (Play Leader)

Megan Wood (Play Leader)

Holiday Club: 

Sheila Chattey (Play Leader)

Sue Wappett (Play Leader)

Katie Shakespeare (Play Leader)

Hannah Griffiths (Play Leader)

Sarah Wood (Play Leader)

Megan Wood (Play Leader)

Ben Smith (Play Leader)

Ruby Smith (Play Leader)

Ella Smith (Play Leader)

Emma Bull (Play Leader)

Samantha Archer (Play Leader)

Vanessa Wilson (Play Leader)

Harrison Angove (Play Leader)

Ben Williamson (Play Leader)

Sam Heron (Play Leader)

Freddie Turner (Play Leader)

Junior Volunteers:

Riley Jones

Joshua Rutherford

Callum Hodgeson

Rebecca Kappler